Research Questions

The generation and use of large amounts of linked data is one of the central challenges of our time. But what changes will it bring and how can they be evaluated? The ABIDA project has raised a number of research questions in this context:

What are the developments in Big Data technologies and applications and what trends can be expected in the near future? What changes will be brought about in the economy, in services, in government action, or private life?

The project aims to capture these developments by continuous Monitoring, by creating scenarios and by conducting in-depth studies on sectors of particular relevance. Networking and dialogues with experts, interest groups and stakeholders in Delphi surveys, expert workshops and focus groups, will also contribute to answering these questions.

What do citizens know about Big Data and what is their assessment of the developments? ABIDA aims to explore these issues through citizens’ consultations and a population survey.

What are the relevant issues of social change triggered by Big Data? What do individual disciplines know about it, and how are Big Data developments judged by them? Disciplinary working groups on law, ethics, sociology, economics, and political science aim at answering these questions.

What conclusions can be drawn for options for political and social action? Based on the findings, ABIDA will identify options for action and develop recommendations.